Who is Bespokefurn.com?

Bespoke.com belongs to Foshan Cozzihome Co.,Ltd, we’ve been in the furniture business for over 10 years, amazing!

We previously focused on domestic trade in China, mainly serving real estate developers and designers in mainland China, with business covering both commercial and residential customization.

In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of furniture production equipment and the increasing mature of product technology, we have also expanded a new workshop of cast brass to specializing in high-end luxury series products. Hoping that our advanced technology can inject fresh blood into this market.

Consumers deserve better custom furniture.

Our Regular Furniture

Our regular furniture brand is COZZIHOME, covering a full range of interior furniture: tables, chairs, sofas, dining room and bedroom sets, where you can find most of the products you need. Cozzihome’s product lines mainly in modern and luxury styles, with modern style focusing on cost effectiveness and luxury style is more prefer to high-end products with unique styles and exquisite technology.

Our History

Founded in 2010, mainly doing classic style, products cover lamps, accessories and furniture, mainly in bulk orders
We gradually changed to comtemporary style, the product ratio was changed to Furniture (60%), home accessory(25%), lamps(15%).
We further reduced the proportion of home accessories and lamps, only for matching furniture. Product range as furniture (75%), home accessoies(15%), lamps(5%) ,and expanded business to custom furniture.
We canceled the home accessories and lamps, specialized in regualar furniture & custom furniture. And we also upgraded our product, added brass workshop, expanded a new series, high-end luxury furnitur.

Numbers we are proud of

It is never easy to produce furniture, we are not the cheapest factory in the market, in fact, there is no cheapest, only cheaper. But we have enough confidence in our products, these figures witness our development in the market, people are willing to buy quality products with reasonable price.

We offer flexible cooperation, regular furniture + custom furniture, trial order as low as 10 pieces/order, would you like to be our business partner?


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Know More About Us

Furniture producttion requires a variety of technology and materials, for which we have established a full range of production workshops. Each workshop records the completion of every order, behind each piece of beautiful furniture is the hard work of our staff, thanks to our kind and hardworking colleagues.

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Bespokefurn.com have been in the business of furniture in China for 10 years, let a true industry veteran provide you with high quality custom furniture.