We Only Use Quality Materials

That is a saying : you get what you pay for. We are definitely not the lowest-priced supplier in the market, but we can guarantee that every penny you spend is worth it, here is our regular project quote budget.

Fabric Budget

Our fabric budget up to 80 /meter, while the market average price is RMB 20 ~ 30

Marble Budget

We only use natural marble, and our budget is up to RMB 800~1000 /square. Exclude the imported luxury marble, you can get a lot of marble options in this range

Wood Budget

Solid wood is generally used beech, birch, walnut, ash, oak, etc.

The Wood Veneer we use is plywood paste natural wood veneer / high-end technology wood veneer, including all the popular options.

Leather Budget

Our leather budget is RMB 30~40 /inch, while the market average price is RMB 10 ~ 20

Metal Budget

Metal part we use stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel 304, 18/18 composition, with a high degree of corrosion resistance.

Note: Stainless steel 304 has much higher corrosion resistance than stainless steel 201, which cost higher 30%~50%.

Luxury Options

To meet the luxury furniture need, imported luxury marble, Euopean imported fabrics, brass, etc. according to clients’ project budget.

Quality is The Key

Quality is one of our most concerns, for which we have arranged multiple inspection processes, covering every important production step.

Measure Size

Detail Inspection


Double-check Sample

Double-check Sample

Double-check Sample

Our Hard Work

Custom furniture requires a lot of attention, and easily get it wrong if not careful. Our goal is to give you a worry-free experience, so we will take care of all the dirty work, including swatch confirmation, order follow-up, drawing modification, product modification, packaging of fragile items, shipping, etc.

How we provide samples for project?

Metal Sample

Marble Sample

Wood Sample

Fabric Sample

Full Samples

Free Shipping

How we help client understand the furniture structure?

Hand-draw structure-1

Hand-draw structure-2

Hand-draw structure-3

3D-draw structure-1

3D-draw structure-2

3D-draw finished

How we pack the goods ?





Carton Packing

Wood Packing